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Follow me: Instagram


Follow me: Instagram

In 2016, we thought we would have flying cars and hoverboards! On the 21st of October 2015, we celebrated the day Marty McFly goes to the future and we realized that we haven’t got anything at all! But we have our Smartphones and social media, and we can share and follow other people’s life. To live vicariously in some way… But unlike TV during our childhood, now we choose who to follow.

Instagram’s main problem, and social media’s in general, is its short-lived nature. Even if you post hundreds of photos, people only see and like the most recent ones. Here’s a selection of inspiring Instagram accounts, that make us want to create, decorate and collect. That make us discover forgotten jobs, visit workshops and museums, explore nature and visit places we never even knew existed.



Christian Watson is a creative collector, photographer and illustrator! His website started out as a vintage objects online store, and it slowly became a virtual journal of his drawings, objects, accumulation, his trips and hikes too. Everything becomes the theme of a collection of photos, each one being more inspiring than the other. He’s a full-fledged part of this collection himself, from his tattoos to his vintage clothes, everything seems to fit in! Instagram is the perfect tool for him to express all of that, day after day…


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